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Roden Scholars work in a variety of ways to promote entrepreneurship in the College of Engineering and throughout the University.


The Roden Leadership Program was founded in 2001 by Ted Roden, the Chair of Free Enterprise at the University of Texas at Austin.

  • Feature


    Roden is a flat organization where each member is given one vote in all matters.



    The aim of our organization is to create opportunities for engineering students to learn about what it takes to succeed in business.



    Each Roden Scholar is encouraged to be in charge of committes and organize new ventures.

Program Outline

  • The Roden Leadership Program will develop members as leaders and entrepreneurs by having all Roden Scholars participate in a curriculum of duties and learning opportunities throughout their college career. Members will obtain skills that will prove invaluable for leadership roles in other organizations and after graduation. The Roden Leadership Program will take every opportunity to develop its members in a way that best serves the Cockrell School.

    Responsibilities by Year in Program



    Service Event
    Engineering Week Event
    Gifts for graduating members
    New Engineering Student Workshop
    Banquet Planning
    Leadership Development Event



    New Event
    EXPO Organization Fair
    Case Competition
    External Funding
    Alumni Relations
    Guidance and Assistance


Events hosted by the Roden Leadership Program are designed to educate participants about entrepreneurship and opportunities at the university.

Case Competition
What is a Case Competition?
A case study competition is a competition in which participants use their analytical and creative skills to find a solution to a challenging business problem or opportunity.

The Roden Scholars' Case Study Competition will feature a technology-oriented case, where participants be presented with a technological product or service and will be tasked with figuring how this product or service can be implemented in an existing business or organization. Each team should include technological, financial, marketing, social and/or legal analysis/implications of their final solution.

The competition will allow students the freedom to hone their specific skills sets to solve a business case in an interdisciplinary environment!
The Case Study and Rules
Rules for Participation
  1. Four UT undergraduates students on a team
  2. Each team must have at least one student in the Cockrell School of Engineering
  3. Create presentation and deliver orally to a panel of judges
  4. Each presentation will be 20 minutes in length
  • First Place: $1500
  • Second Place: $1000
  • Third Place: $500
  • Bonus: The opportunity to network with representatives from our sponsoring companies!
Sign-Up Information

  • Sign-up is open until Kickoff, on Monday March 2nd.
  • Team Sign Up: bit.ly/rodencase7team
  • Individual Sign Up: bit.ly/rodencase7single
  • A refundable $40 deposit must be brought to Kickoff.
    Payment can be made by cash or check, made out to "Roden Scholars"
  • The deposit will be refunded upon participation in the competition
  • Email each team member's resume at once to roden.partners@gmail.com with the subject "Team Name - Resumes 2015"
Registered Teams
Dates and Itinerary

Date: Monday March 2nd, 6pm
Location: CLA 0.112


Date: Saturday, March 7th
Location: GAR 0.102

Preliminary Round
8:30 - Preliminary round presentations start
12:30 - Lunch

Final Round
2:00 - Final round presentations start
6:30 - Winners announced, dinner served
Corporate Sponsors
  • Phillips 66
  • Accenture
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do we have to have exactly four people on the team?
  2. Yes.
  3. I want to change our team name and/or change a team member?
  4. Email your request to roden.partners@gmail.com.
  5. Can each team member have a copy of the case?
  6. The case and rules document is available under "Case and Rules".
  7. What is the scope of the new technology?
  8. The term "new technology" means that you can create a new technology or adapt something that's not currently used in the medical setting. You may propose something completely new aka a robot doctor, however, something like that would almost certainly receive a feasibility score of zero, since there are many problems with the creation of it. Unless you can back it up, we suggest sticking with products that have been developed even if they aren't FDA-approved yet.
New Engineering Student Workshop
What is NESW?
NESW occurs right before the beginning of school every fall semester. Over 200 engineering freshman students attend to learn about resources on campus, student life, and to network. After presentations, we provide lunch for the students and give them a chance to ask questions Rodens directly about their college experience.
Engineering Week Events
Roden Debates
Roden annually hosts an 8x8 elimination style debate tournament at E-Week. Topics are chosen from current events in technology, health, and international policy.
Service Events

Rodens strive to volunteer at least once a semester to help out the local community.

Roden Scholars

A roundtable of 21 engineering student leaders with a mission of improving the University of Texas and the Cockrell School of Engineering through tenets of entrepreneurship, leadership, and service.

Mitchell Johnson

Chair | Seat #19
Major: Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

Gordon Tsai

Vice Chair | Seat #21
Major: Petroleum Engineering/BHP, 2nd year

Mandeep Patel

Corporate Contact | Seat #15
Major: Mechanical Engineering, 2nd year

Aaron Blanchard

Chair | Seat #1
Major: Biomedical Engineering, 4th year

Ali de Jong

Seat #2
Major: Electrical Engineering, 1st year

Kendall Meyertons

Seat #3
Major: Chemical Engineering, 1st year

Conrad Beck

Seat #4
Major: Chemical Engineering, 3rd year

Sovik de Sirkar

Seat #5
Major: Chemical Engineering, 4th year

Rebecca Ho

Seat #6
Major: Biomedical Engineering, 2nd year

Gregory Ross

Seat #7
Major: Chemical Engineering, Plan II, 1st year

Taylor Zhao

Seat #8
Major: Electrical Engineering, 1st year

Ishita Madan

Seat #9
Major: Chemical Engineering, 4th year

Divya Ramamoorthy

Seat #10
Major: Biomedical Engineering, 3rd year

Aanandh Chandrasekar

Seat #11
Major: Chemical Engineering, 1st year

Whitney Zimmerman

Vice Chair | Seat #12
Major: Mechanical Engineering, 4th year

Mehtaab Brar

Seat #13
Major: Electrical Engineering, 2nd year

Michael Hodges

Seat #14
Major: Electrical Engineering, 3rd year

Sean Gajjar

Seat #16
Major: Electrical Engineering, 3rd year

Malvika Gupta

Seat #17
Major: Biomedical Engineering, 2nd year

Noor Momin

Seat #18
Major: Biomedical Engineering, 4th year

Jerry Lin

Seat #20
Major: Electrical Engineering, 5th year

Keep In Touch

If you are interested in learning more about Roden projects, get in touch with us by email at roden.partners@gmail.com or leave a message on our facebook page.

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