About SWE UT

The Society of Women Engineers collegiate section at the University of Texasat Austin is one of the most active engineering societies on campus.Currently, we have a strong membership and represent both women and menstudents from each of the seven engineering disciplines offered atUT.

The mission of SWE UT is to strengthen andempower women engineering students by:

Weenvision an organization where all members feel a sense of belonging andof purpose. Your university experience should not be confined to theclassroom. SWE UT exists to help you acquire the leadership andprofessional skills necessary in today's world - together, in achallenging yet inclusive environment.

You mayview our Bylaws here.

2014-2015 Theme:

The theme for our section this is "SWE Connect."

The collegiate section of Society of Women Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin has adopted the theme “SWE Connect” for the 2014-2015 school year. When coming into a large college, it is easy to get lost in the first few weeks. With our theme, SWE Connect, we want to assure everyone that they have a friend in SWE. UT-SWE recognizes that interpersonal relationships are key in developing a strong organization. We want to connect our members with one another, increase the communication between the officers and the members, and grow the relationships between UT-SWE and other chapters. Through these three main goals, we hope to strengthen our membership by fostering lasting connections and friendships that will assist students in achieving their full academic and professional potential.

About Society SWE

The Society of WomenEngineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is a non-profit educational andservice organization. SWE is the driving force that establishesengineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. SWEempowers women to succeed and advance in those aspirations and berecognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements asengineers and leaders. The organization's four objectives are asrelevant today as they were more than 50 years ago:

  • To inform young women, their parents,counselors, and the public in general of the qualifications andachievements of women engineers and the opportunities open to them.
  • To assist women engineers in readying themselves for a return toactive work after temporary retirement.
  • To serve as a center ofinformation on women in engineering.
  • To encourage women engineers toattain high levels of educational and professional achievement.

    The mission statement, adopted in 1985,states: The Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve fullpotential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of theengineering profession as a positive force in the quality of life, anddemonstrates the value of diversity.