SWE UT Committees

Awards/Recognition Committee

This committee helps our SWE chapter and its individual members get awards and recognition by informing members and encouraging them to apply.

CEW Committee

Careers in Engineering for Women (CEW) is a week long summer program for middle school students. It is designed to increase the representation of women in engineering and technical fields. CEW chairs work with the CEW Coordinators in planning and organizing CEW.

Mona Lotfi

Email: mnlotfi8@utexas.edu
Major: Civil Engineering
Graduating: May 2015

Corporate Committee

The corporate committee chair helps assist VP Corporate by organizing Lunch & Learns, managing the Company Corner and assisting in other SWE corporate related events.

Emily Walt

Email: ecwalt@utexas.edu
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduating: May 2016

Internal Affairs Committee

This committee assists the VP Internal in planning and executing services to SWE members and leaders. Specific duties include ordering food for general and officer meetings, selling membership T-shirts, managing the electronic test bank on Blackboard, and planning and hosting the Springs Awards Banquet at the end of the Spring semester.

Fundraising Committee

This committee focuses on organizing and running SWE Bake Sales, as well as helping the treasurer brainstorm for new fundraising ideas.

Outreach Committee

This committee will help brainstorm ideas for community work, coordinate and plan outreach activities and actively partipates in our projects.

Publicity Committee

This committee creates fliers and posters for SWE events and meetings, and aids in general publicity. The chair also helps brainstorm and implement new publicity initiatives, and assist the historian when necessary.

Recruitment/Retention Committee

This committee's primary goal is to help recruit new members to join SWE, retain current members, and increase active member involvement. Specific duties include organizing the Finals Care Packages distributed at the end of each semester, organizing member recognition throughout the year, assisting in the fall and spring semester membership mail-outs, and organizing and attending recruiting events throughout the year.

Jasmine Luo

Email: jasmineluo1118@gmail.com
Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduating: May 2016

Social and Leadership Committees

This committee focuses on providing activities for our members to develop leadership and teamwork skills. Specific duties include organizing social activities during the year, organizing and attending the spring leadership retreat, and coordinating joint social events with other organizations.

Store Operations Committee

This committee focuses on maintaining the SWE store, including buying and stocking items for sale.