Technology Entrepreneurship Society | The University of Texas at Austin

Hack TX 2012

On October 19th engineers from across the 40 acres and Austin gathered for 24 hours at The University of Texas - Austin’s Student Activity Center for a celebration where guests freely engaged in open and unrestrained software and hardware development. The Technology Entrepreneurship Society and Hacker Lounge teamed up to create the event, combining the best of entrepreneurship and creative hacking ability at the university. Founder of Capital Factory and veteran Austin tech investor, Josh Baer, admitted this was the largest hack-a-thon he has seen in Austin.

First place winners, Black Lynx, developed music visualization software using a Microsoft Kinect sensor and won 5 Google Nexus 7 tablets. Second place team won 5 23” Samsung monitors for their multi-factor identification security-locking device. Third place developed an automated flashcard application to help students study for tests for the prize of 3 Apple TV’s. Special prizes went to the product with the most market potential,, an application that builds a mobile website from information sent in through an email. Most creative project was a rapid image transformation application for windows or ‘Instagram for right-clicking.’ Twilio gave out two Sphero’s to a team who built software to control its 200 lb robot with text messages. awarded two ACL Live tickets to a team who built email analytics and visualization software.

Other supporters include the Murchison Chair of Free Enterprise, UT Events Co-Sponsorship Committee, RideScout, VMWare, ReturnPath, Alsop Louie, Palantir, Microsoft, HomeAway, InfoChimps, Rackspace, Twilio Communications and Indeed. The event started at 3pm on October 19th and concluded at 5pm the following day. For more information, contact Aaron Sanchez at